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ICP 083 Rituals, Music and The Healing Power of Sound with Katie Rose (Part One)


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to start tuning into your own voice
  • What Katie does to find calmness, confidence and clarity
  • How Katie takes care of anxiety with others
  • Why creating sound can bring focus and clarity
  • How the power of sound can heal

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Your voice is a powerful tool

Whether you use your voice for conversation, singing or public speaking, hear what vocal coach and singer, Katie Rose, has to say about accessing the full potential of your own voice.

In this episode, Katie shares her personal experiences as a musician, sound therapist and teacher working with others to find their own voices.

Katie describes the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of singing and breathing.

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

The power of sound

[0:00:42] Introducing Katie Rose.

[0:01:15] Katie describes her creative work as a musician, teacher and therapist.

[0:02:42] How music heals.

[0:07:10] How singing can help you to access your emotions.

[0:07:48] ‘Sounding’ and musicality.

“Sound gives us a boat to travel and navigate those [emotional] waters” – Katie Rose

The rhythm of your heart

[0:09:25] The spectrum of sound.

[00:9:58] The heartbeat of an unborn boy.

[0:11:12] Beauty and musical forms.

Spiritual seeking and healing

[0:12:20] Katie describes her early experiences with sound, spirituality and music.

[0:13:45] At the age of 15, Katie’s early experiences of sound healing.

[0:14:46] What happens when Katie performs sound healing work with others.

[0:16:15] Hearing our own voice for the first time.

[0:17:37] The physical changes Katie witnesses with others.

[0:18:45] How Katie takes care of anxiety with others.

“When we perceive things that are beautiful and awe-inspiring it actually boosts our immune system” – Katie Rose

Finding your own voice

[0:21:37] How to start tuning into your own voice.

[0:22:56] Singing along to your favourite songs…or the Hoover.

[0:23:19] Drones.

[0:24:10] Humming. Chakras.

[0:25:50] Singing along with cars and railway trains.

“When we breathe more deeply everything in our body can work much better”- Katie Rose

Tension and expression

[0:26:50] Social norms and keeping ourselves in little boxes.

[0:27:30] Reversing the process of disease and a poor immune system.

[0:28:22] How Katie warms up and starts her day.

[0:30:00] Letting go of our self-consciousness.

“It’s the simplicity that is … the profoundness of sound” – Katie Rose


[0:30:30] How Katie overcomes overwhelm.

[0:32:15] Knowing your own body. Being vegan. Moderation.

[0:33:05] How steaming can benefit your voice.

[0:33:56] Preview to part two.

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