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ICP 116 What An Aspiring 12-year-old Author Can Teach You About Taming Your Inner Critic


(Less than 7 minutes)

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to make your inner critic serve you
  • What your inner critic can teach you
  • What not to do
Amy Meek quote there are always things that you can improve

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Hear what Amy Meek can teach you about taming your inner critic to positively serve you.

In episode 115, Tim, Kerry, Amy and Ella, aka the Meek family shared their experiences and insights from being on the road for over eighteen months.

In this episode you’ll learn how Amy was inspired by one of her favourite authors, Jennifer Donnelly.

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

[0:00:41] Introducing Amy Meek and this short action episode.

[0:01:42] Amy shares how author Jennifer Donnelly inspired her recently.

[0:02:31] Amy shares one of Jennifer’s powerful tips on dealing with your inner critic.

[0:03:09] What not to do.

[0:04:00] What I learned from Amy.

[0:05:10] What Amy learned from one of her favourite authors.

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