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ICP 133 Surviving Cancer, Aggressive Gentleness, and The Magic of Creating Community With Harmony Eichsteadt


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Harmony made a profession from her passion for community
  • The essence of creating a strong community
  • Why Harmony held a wake for her cancer
  • What it means to be aggressively gentle

A young Harmony Eichsteadt smiling standing on the beach holding out her hand

Harmony Eichsteadt is the Head of Community for The Good Life Project, a small media company founded by popular and highly respected blogger and speaker, Jonathan Fields.

At the age of 29, Harmony survived cancer and she credits her own community for inspiring and supporting her through that life-changing time.

In this special episode of Inspirational Creatives, recorded in my own home, Harmony shares the reality of experiencing loss and how having had cancer and a supportive community has changed her perspective on life.

You’ll also hear about her working relationship with Jonathan and what it means to be aggressively gentle.

“You can either be a victim or a champion” – Harmony Eichsteadt

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

The good life

[00:42] Introducing Harmony Eichsteadt from my home.

[01:30] Harmony describes her role as Head of Community at The Good Life Project.

[02:25] How Harmony met (and heckled) Jonathan Fields.

[04:30] How that moment led to working at The Good Life Project.

The power of community

[06:55] Finding faith to confront uncertainty.

[07:45] Harmony shares her battle with cancer.

[08:45] How community saves lives.

[10:30] Creating community.

Surviving cancer

[11:30] How Harmony’s community supported her through cancer.

[12:40] The reality of living with cancer.

[14:38] The gift of going through a life-changing event.

[14:50] Why Harmony held a wake for her cancer.

“There was no way I was going through cancer if I didn’t get more out of it than I lost” – Harmony Eichsteadt

Aggressive gentleness

[19:29] Why Harmony cares less about what people think about her today.

[19:45] Why Harmony carries a picture of her younger self.

[23:00] Kindness.

The magic of community

[23:56] What inspires Harmony about community.

[24:23] A story about stone soup.

[25:50] How a community becomes larger than the sum of its parts.

[26:30] How Harmony has made a profession from her passion for community.

“You have to be thoughtful about who you want to build relationships with” – Harmony Eichsteadt

Creating community

[27:45] What is at the essence of a strong community.

[28:40] How Harmony manages her inner control freak.

[29:56] What’s at the core of creating great relationships.

[32:22] Rob and Harmony discuss giving unconditionally.

“Building relationships requires being inconvenienced” – Harmony Eichsteadt

What it means to lead a good life

[34:39] Harmony describes her relationship with Jonathan Fields.

[38:07] What it means to Harmony to lead a good life.

[39:28] How Harmony defines success.

[42:05] What Harmony is grateful for today.

[43:20] Where you can find out more about Harmony and The Good Life Project.

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