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ICP 191 Living More Authentically with Intuitive Life Strategist Lorraine Whyte


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Lorraine found her courage to live more authentically
  • Why people get stuck finding out who they truly are
  • How to find people who honour who you truly are

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Lorraine Whyte was once a successful recruiter using her intuition to select the right candidates.

Today, she is an intuitive life strategist.

In the is episode, hear how your super-power is your uniqueness.

Hear how you can begin to live more authentically by reconnecting with who you truly are.

Lorraine also shares how she helps people to reconnect to their true selves through both numerology and mediation;

Whilst offering Rob a live ten minute reading (in this episode.)

Hear why Lorraine believes it is important to find a life we love.

“Intuition is the voice of the soul” – Lorraine Whyte

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

Daring to be different

[00:40] Introducing Lorraine Whyte.

[01:30] Lorraine describes the work she does today as an intuitive life strategist.

[02:50] Why Lorraine believes we lose touch with our authentic selves.

[03:53] Lorraine describes more of her own journey and why people thought she was crazy.

[05:08] How Lorraine became empowered after living a lie.

Living more authentically

[06:43] Lorraine shares some of the benefits of living more authentically.

[07:24] How Lorraine loves from a distance to protect herself.

[08:10] How to find people who honour who you truly are.

[09:37] What an intuitive life strategist is.

[10:31] The difference between a life strategist and a life coach.

Finding courage

[12:33] Lorraine describes some of her tougher times.

[13:26] What has been the most challenging time for Lorraine.

[14:30] How Lorraine coped with her tougher times.

[15:00] The Landmark Forum.

[15:33] Lorraine describes her love for books and films.

Understanding your soul

[17:50] Lorraine explains how she was a successful recruiter.

[18:56] A journey of self-discovery.

[19:49] How Lorraine uses mediation to help people connect with their authentic self.

[21:00] Some of the results that Lorraine has seen.

[22:12] Why Lorraine believes people get stuck finding out who they truly are.

True self and self-worth

[23:29] How people find themselves with a low sense of self-worth.

[24:43] Lorraine reveals how she got in to numerology.

[28:13] How Lorraine uses a numerology methodology to help people find their life stories.

[29:27] Lorraine gives Rob a numerology reading.

[35:45] Lorraine explains how there are two parts to her numerology approach.

Finding a life that we love

[40:00] Why Lorraine believes it is important to find a life we love.

[42:21] What Lorraine would share with her younger self.

[43:35] How your super-power is your uniqueness.

[43:59] What has inspired Lorraine recently.

[45:25] What Lorraine is grateful for today.

[45:40] What’s next for Lorraine and where you can connect with her.

“When we understand ourselves we can never be lost” – Lorraine Whyte

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