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ICP 195 Creating Transformational Adventures Outdoors For City Dwellers with Lauren Skonieczny


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How city dwellers benefit from outdoor adventure trips
  • How Lauren quit her TV job for a life outdoors
  • What challenges Lauren faced changing careers and lifestyle

Lauren Skonieczny of Discover Outdoors smiling profile picture

Discover Outdoors is a New York-based organisation dedicated to offering city dwellers professionally run adventure trips.

And Lauren Skonieczny is their Operations Manager and one of their experienced guides.

Lauren is someone who courageously swapped the world of TV production for mountains and adventure – and the great outdoors.

Today, she is passionate about creating a community of outdoor adventure loving women.

In this episode, Lauren reveals her story and what it is about the outdoors that she loves.

Hear why getting out of your comfort zone, with the right people, can be a good thing.

And what suggestions she has for someone look to change their path in life…

Lauren is also behind the Women In The Outdoors Week 17th-23rd April 2017.

“Trying new things is the only way you’re going to learn what your new passions are” – Lauren Skonieczny

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

Discover Outdoors

[00:41] Introducing Lauren

[01:28] Lauren describes her job and Discover Outdoors.

[02:12] What type of adventure trips Lauren and her team offer.

[03:24] Who their community is and who Discover Outdoors is for.

[04:37] Lauren describes some of the transformations that she sees.

Slowing down

[06:00] Some of the surprises for those discovering the outdoors for the first time.

[07:00] How city dwellers benefit from outdoor adventure trips.

[07:48] Lauren shares how she found Discover Outdoors.

[08:40] How Lauren got into TV production.

[09:16] How her previous career contrasts with her current one.

[09:50] What challenges Lauren faced changing careers and lifestyle.


[11:11] Which of her previous skills and experience support her work now.

[12:19] Which of her fears came true making a career transition.

[14:13] What advice Lauren would give to her younger self.

[15:37] What Lauren has learned about herself.

[17:15] How boredom can be your best friend.

“I would encourage people to be open-minded and have an open heart and be willing to welcome whatever life throws at you” – Lauren Skonieczny

Creative transformation

[18:25] How creativity shows up in Lauren’s work outdoors.

[19:21] What’s involved becoming a guide.

[20:50] What Lauren found out about herself physically.

[22:32] What suggestions Lauren would give to someone look to change their path in life.

[23:32] How Lauren overcomes her own stubbornness.

“There’s no reason to stay attached to something – just for the purpose of staying attached to something” – Lauren Skonieczny

Going alone and letting go

[24:25] What Lauren experiences when she goes on trails solo.

[25:55] What success looks like for Lauren.

[26:46] Lauren talks about Women in the outdoors week in April 2017.

[29:10] Why women may need additional encouragement to venture outdoors.

Trust, respect, inspiration and accountability

[30:20] How Lauren got into Australian Football and now plays internationally.

[32:10] Why getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing.

[32:43] What has inspired Lauren recently and what she is grateful for.

[34:09] What’s next for Lauren.

[34:51] Where you can connect with Lauren.

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