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ICP 199 Nick Williams on Recognising Resistance and Living The Creative Life You Were Born To Live


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The first step towards overcoming resistance
  • 3 signposts towards finding the work you were born to do
  • 3 reasons to overcome your fear and resistance

You’ll also learn:

  • What living a shadow life can mean to you
  • The importance of showing up every day
  • How to recognise resistance

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What does it mean to live an inspired life?

How do we spot fear and resistance?

Nick Williams is a best-selling author, and speaker who believes in the power of inspiration.

He’s written 14 books including Powerful Beyond Measure and The Work We Were Born To Do,

Today he is somebody who inspires thousands to live the life of their dreams through his talks, online workshops and teachings across the globe.

In this chat, Nick reveals how he left a miserable corporate life to find out who he really was and what he felt he was born to do.

Nick reveals what he has learnt about recognising fear, overcoming resistance, and what it means to live a truly inspired, and creative, life.

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

Showing up

[00:41] 3 things I’ve learned in 199 episodes.

[02:11] Gratitude and thanks.

[02:48] Introducing Nick Williams.

[03:54] How Nick helps others and shows up in the world today.

[04:33] Why Nick believes we need to play bigger.

Following inspiration

[05:57] Nick shares his early corporate career and relationships with his father.

[08:20] When Nick was so unhappy. Satisfying his curiosity.

[10:15] Nick describes his career transition. Feeling full of fear.

[10:55] Living a shadow life.

[11:36] Co-leading Alternatives.org.uk.

[12:29] Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way.

Finding work you were born to do

[13:15] When Nick had a pivotal moment.

[14:44] Inviting people to his front room to share ideas.

[16:10] Finding confidence through facing fear.

[17:30] Overcoming the resistance: being in the flow.

[18:30] Building spiritual musculature. Marianne Williamson.

Undoing fear

[20:26] A Course in Miracles.

[21:20] What fear masquerades as – how fear hides.

[22:20] The importance of thinking.

[23:23] How to spot resistance.

[24:30] The first step towards overcoming resistance.

Overcoming resistance

[25:57] Beating resistance.

[27:03] 3 reasons to beat resistance.

[28:20] The importance of daily habits.

[29:03] The importance of showing up every day.

[29:54] Nick’s co-coaching relationships.

[30:33] Learning as a form of resistance.

Facing the fear of success

[32:00] Meeting Julia Cameron.

[33:00] How we are challenged by the fear of success.

[35:15] Desmond Tutu.

[36:00] 3 signposts towards finding the work you were born to do.

Seeing beyond resistance

[39:48] What we are on earth to do. Resistance vs. flow.

[41:17] What it means to Nick to lead a creative life. Facing hepatitis.

[43:00] How being authentic is an evolution.

[43:53] Skilfulness, inspiration and courage.

Inspiring leadership

[45:36] Why Nick believes it is important to be inspired.

[46:30] What had inspired Nick lately.

[47:22] What being human means.

[48:25] What Nick is grateful for today.

[49:19] What Nick believes the biggest challenges are there for.

[49:30] Nick reveals details about his new book.

[50:35] Where you can stay in touch with Nick.

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