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ICP 207 – 30 Days of Daily Inspiration – Day 7 – Spend More Time Outdoors


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In this episode you’ll:

  • Find a new way to gain fresh perspective
  • Remind yourself of the benefits of being outdoors regularly
  • Hear how the great outdoors can help you to overcome unhappiness

Inspirational Creatives 30 Days of Daily Inspiration Day 7 Spend More Time Outdoors

To celebrate 3 years and 200 episodes of Inspirational Creatives, each day for the next 30 days you’ll hear ideas, inspiration and wisdom that can help you to elevate your life and creativity to the next level.

In this short episode we remind ourselves the great benefits of being outdoors.

Hear how research has shown that connecting with fresh air and nature can change our outlook and perspective as creatives.

Find an excuse to get outdoors at least once a day!

Take this episode outside with you…

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

[00:41] Introducing this episode: day 7 of 30 days of daily inspiration.

[00:58] Spending more time outdoors.

[01:20] Oxygen.

[01:34] Sunshine and Vitamin D.

[02:00] Being out in nature.

[02:23] Breath!

[02:30] What to do in bad weather.

[02:50] Countryside and fresh perspective.

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