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ICP 231 Activating Your Creative Truth with Natalia Komis


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Natalia learned at art school about letting go
  • How to activate and unlock your creativity
  • About safe zones for your creative work
  • The key to thriving as a creative in 2018

Natalia Komis profile smiling with laptop on picnic bench by river

Finding our truth and letting go are central themes when talking about creative practice.

In this conversation, artist, entrepreneur and coach, Natalia Komis, shares how she makes time for her creativity in a busy world.

For Natalia, creativity is a tool to help her to become more adaptable, to find solutions, and to take bigger risks.

We learn, from Natalia, what her younger self taught her about presenting art to the world too soon.

And why it’s necessary to protect our creative ideas until they are almost fully formed. The ones we keep, that is.

In this episode, the first chat for 2018 on the Inspirational Creatives podcast, you’ll hear why Natalia believes it’s important to have both a personal and a professional mission statement.

Hear how she chooses between walking and doing nothing…

And why she believes it is important we let go of the creative ideas we often fall in love with.

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

[00:41] Introducing Natalia Komis and the first episode for 2018.

[01:57] Natalia describes how she shows up in the world today.

[03:58] What excites Natalia about the creative process.

[04:45] Manifesting creative work. Empowering clients.

[05:54] Activating our creativity.

The Creative Process

[06:35] Finding new ways of looking at things.

[08:09] How Natalia embodies the creative process as part of the result.

[09:58] How Natalia works with her clients to help them.

[11:15] What Natalia believes one of the biggest challenge is for creatives.

[12:15] Identifying the key elements that would be right for a creative business.

Letting go

[12:54] Identifying which ideas work and which ones to drop.

[14:09] Natalia shares a story of starting and closing a new business.

[15:05] Revising mission statements.

[15:30] Creating objectivity: letting go of ideas we fall in love with.

[16:10] What Natalia learned at art school about letting go.

[16:50] Being ok with letting things go.

[17:57] Letting go of a business she loved: I am adventures.

Creative strengths

[20:10] What successful creative entrepreneurs have.

[21:15] Natalia describes her creative approaches and rituals.

[22:20] How the sea inspires her.

[23:00] Visual meditations.

[24:00] Studying art therapy.

[24:20] What Natalia realised about herself recently.

[25:00] When she is most creative.

[25:50] How Natalia prepares for her painting.

Making time for your creativity

[26:17] How and when Natalia makes time for her creativity.

[30:00] Meeting needs.

[31:00] Overcoming procrastination.

[31:40] Motivation and discipline.

[32:07] How Natalia’s days typically unfold.

Walking for inspiration

[34:00] Why walking has been a big part of Natalia’s life.

[35:00] Releasing and receiving. Slowing down.

[36:15] Coaching whilst walking.

[37:12] Why walking is so effective.

[38:50] Two actions Natalia takes to capture inspiration.

[40:28] Recording ideas on walks.

Giving ideas the space they deserve

[41:20] Timing. Protecting ideas until they are ready.

[44:00] Finding the right people: those you want to attract.

[44:44] Safe zones. Who is going to support your goals?

[45:30] What Natalia learned from her younger self about presenting art too soon.

Creative entrepreneurship

[46:30] The moment Natalia new creative entrepreneurship was for her.

[48:48] Leaving university. “Proper work.”

[50:00] The key to thriving as a female creative entrepreneur.

[51:27] What has inspired Natalia recently.

[54:35] Natalia reveals what she is grateful for today.

[55:40] What’s next for Natalia.

[55:40] Where you can find out more about Natalia and her creative work.

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