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Rob in the media

Video: My One Best Question, Episode 16 on Box of Crayons. Rob Lawrence with Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid and Rehana Doobay, VP HR Baxter International. By Michael Bungay Stanier.

Podcast: Be Open Minded To New Opportunities – Rob Lawrence interviewed on The Turning Point podcast with Daniel Maw.

Press article: Capturing the thoughts of entrepreneurs in Norfolk and beyond in the Eastern Daily Press by Jessica Staufenberg.

Podcast: Podcasting with Purpose. Rob Lawrence on The Zone Show with Tom Evans.

Podcast: Episode 54 Rob Lawrence on the Social Sidekick Podcast.

Podcast: Episode 03 – The Secrets, Tactics and Strategies of a Creative Entrepreneur – Rob Lawrence on the The Lilly Wild Show podcast with Adelaide Goodeve.

Podcast: People Come into Your Life for a Reason, a Season, or for LifeRob Lawrence on Podcast Junkies with Harry Duran.

Inspirational Creatives

Freedom | Passion | Purpose

Inspirational Creatives is a podcast interview series for creative entrepreneurs, artists, producers and media professionals. Hosted by Rob Lawrence.

Conversations with successful artists and entrepreneurs offering new ideas and compelling stories to help you create the life and business you want.

These intimate chats deliver what you need to know to take your big ideas and creativity to the next level.

Inspirational Creatives is for those providing a product or service in the creative industries including:

  • Art
  • Design
  • Literature
  • Film
  • Music and audio
  • Fashion
  • Culinary Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Craft
  • Software development
  • Digital
  • Tech & gadgets

Inspirational Creatives are people who are:

  • Making small sacrifices every day
  • Taking risks into the unknown
  • Free enough to live a life they love


Each Friday episode features a new guest (15 to 60 minutes listening time.)

Each Wednesday features a short action episode based on the previous Friday episode (less than 10 minutes listening time.)


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Rob Lawrence

Rob smiling

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Rob Lawrence is the founder of Inspirational Creatives, a podcast interview series launched in November 2014, reaching over 1,500 listens per month.

Rob is a professional creative business strategist, an audio producer and an executive life coach with a rich background in audio and technology. Having lead a roller-coaster career leading award-winning teams across Europe and Australasia, Rob burned-out twice, recovered, made a life snowboarding, married a photographer, taught guitar and is now bringing up a young family whilst developing three new businesses.

Rob is the co-author of a book, Get Noticed, the founder of a successful audio production company, Sound Theory, and has worked for ACNielsen, Vodafone UK and Unisys as a leader, manager and analyst between 1997 and 2007. He’s worked with a number of management consultants and financial service organisations since 2008, including HBOS Australia, Bank West, Halifax, Lloyds International and PWC. Rob has a deep interest in developing others and believes everyone has the right, and opportunity, to lead the life they want.

Since 2007, Rob has been teaching both creativity and leadership to artists, entrepreneurs and business professionals across the globe. He has been a signed composer since 2009 and has published and presented his own research on composing for immersive audio formats in 2014.

Rob is a volunteer speaker for WaterAid and a proud contributor to Alive in Berlin.

He loves what he does.

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