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ICP 121 From Corporate Employee to Thriving Wellpreneur with Amanda Cook


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Amanda found a living doing what she loves
  • What Amanda felt was stopping her from making the leap
  • The reality of being an entrepreneur
  • Why it’s never too early to build an audience

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Amanda Cook, escaped corporate America to fulfil her dream of living and working in Paris.

Since then, she has evolved her own dreams founding Vintage Amanda, as a holistic health coach, and Wellpreneur, as a digital marketing expert and creative entrepreneur.

Wellpreneur, Amanda Cook, reveals her story and how she escaped the corporate cubicle to teach people what she knows about how to grow an audience and business online.

Sharing a seemingly miraculous story, Amanda describes an awakening moment when she realised what it was she wanted.

Hear how Amanda ended a relationship and left the United States as a 25 year-old.

Plus, why Amanda loves technology and how it can help you to manage your own life and ideas.

Find out how to spot if you are resisting or procrastinating on your best ideas too.

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From corporate employee to entrepreneur

[0:00:43] Introducing Amanda.

[0:01:32] Being a digital marketing strategist for Wellpreneurs.

[0:02:15] What a Holistic Health Coach is.

[0:03:07] How Amanda works with her clients.

[0:04:30] How Amanda made the leap from corporate employee to entrepreneur.

[0:05:28] Listening to podcasts. Starting a blog about natural beauty. Living in England.

“I would just devour podcasts” – Amanda Cook

Figuring it out

[0:07:05] What Amanda felt was stopping her from making the leap.

[0:08:34] Why people never leave their jobs.

[0:09:57] The reality of being an entrepreneur.

[0:11:15] How long your should stay in your corporate job. Scaling back.

“There’s no money in the bank that’s going to give you the assurance that you want” – Amanda Cook

Creative freedom

[0:14:00] Which unexpected challenges Amanda faced.

[0:15:30] Having a schedule and a morning routine.

[0:16:24] Amanda describes her morning routine.

[0:16:47] Julie Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way.

[0:18:18] Resistance and procrastinating.

[0:19:15] EFT technique and clearing energy blocks.

“Stop looking for other people to give you permission to do the thing you want to do” – Amanda Cook

Working from home

[0:19:48] How Amanda puts her ideas and energy to bed at night.

[0:20:50] Having an office at home.

[0:21:30] How to capture ideas when everything is shut down.

[0:22:10] Having too many ideas and feeling overwhelmed.

[0:23:38] What Evernote is, why Amanda likes it and how it can help you.

[0:25:58] Amanda reveals a very powerful use of Evernote.

“I ended up working crazy hours but not producing that much” – Amanda Cook

Travel and major transformation

[0:27:20] Ending a relationship and leaving the United States at 25 years old.

[0:28:50] The moment Amanda decided to leave corporate America.

[0:29:27] Amanda reveals the power of committing to a decision.

[0:30:40] Moving to Paris. Amanda shares a seemingly miraculous story.

“One thing I found really interesting about living abroad is that it pulls you out of societal expectations” – Amanda Cook

Commitment and the power of not knowing how

[0:32:26] What shifted for Amanda to leave her corporate job.

[0:33:47] How opportunities start appearing.

[0:34:08] When Amanda came up with Wellpreneur online.

[0:35:49] Amanda describes an awakening moment.

[0:37:11] Sharing a mindset shift.

[0:38:15] Who Wellpreneur is for.

“You don’t need to know how…you just need to commit to doing it” – Amanda Cook

Clarity and focus

[0:39:58] Why it’s never too early to build an audience.

[0:41:26] Six steps to getting started on-line.

[0:41:47] What excites Amanda about her work.

[0:44:09] Amanda’s Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp Workbook.

[0:44:33] What Amanda is excited about in 2016 (for total beginners).

[0:46:00] If Amanda could speak to her younger self.

[0:47:15] Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic.

[0:48:02] How silvery jewelry inspired Amanda recently.

[0:48:41] Where you can find out more about Amanda and her work.

“Create what you need to create” – Amanda Cook

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