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ICP 173 Author and Producer Bobby Owsinski on Writing, Recording and Crafting a Career in the Music Industry


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Where to gain confidence for your creativity
  • Why it’s an exciting time to be in the music business
  • Why the music industry still needs major record labels

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Bobby Owsinski is a best-selling author and much sought after audio producer in the music industry.

In this repeat of a classic episode, Bobby reveals his writing formula and why he is excited about the future of the music industry.

The original version of this chat (episode 089) with Bobby can be found here

Having worked with, and interviewed, many A-list audio producers and ‘superstar’ acts, Bobby shares why he hopes there is someone, somewhere, creating a new style of music.

You’ll also hear why you’re in the wrong industry if you simply want to get famous and how selling a million records, today, is barely getting you into the game.

Hear what advice Bobby would have given to his younger self.

“I always felt best when I was helping someone” – Bobby Owsinski

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

Creative beginnings

[0:01:42] Introducing Bobby Owsinski.

[0:02:22] Bobby describes his work in the music business today.

[0:03:11] Playing music growing up. How Bobby got into production

[0:05:02] Bobby describes his early writing career and how he became an author.

[0:06:11] First book on music mixing. Publisher interest.

[0:08:15] Creating video courses.

“That’s one of the problems creatives have…they expect to be too perfect too soon” – Bobby Owsinski

Writing technique

[0:09:29] Bobby reveals how he has created a productive writing method.

[0:13:37] Where to gain creative confidence from.

[0:15:33] What the difference is between an art and a craft.

[0:17:00] Going against the market.

[0:18:24] How Bobby balances creating what he wants and what his market wants.

“None of this stuff is easy…although we all know people who make it look easy” – Bobby Owsinski

Art vs. Craft

[0:19:05] The one thing the best craftsmen do.

[0:20:15] How the music industry has changed in Bobby’s career.

[0:20:40] Why Bobby likes where the music business is going.

[0:22:00] Why Bobby believe it’s an exciting time to be in the music business.

[0:23:00] The perpetual problem of the middle-man taking revenue.

[0:24:50] Why the music industry still needs major record labels.

“I’m not one of those that longs for the good old days…” – Bobby Owsinski


[0:25:42] Musicians and the importance of branding. Social media.

[0:26:54] The qualification of a million. Why you need one hundred million.

[0:28:30] The importance of cultivating your fan-base.

[0:29:20] Why you’re in the wrong industry if you simply want to get famous.

“It always helps… if you produce something that someone else likes…preferably a lot of people like” – Bobby Owsinski


[0:31:30] Where Bobby receives his inspiration from.

[0:32:24] Tom Holman. THX and 5.1.

[0:34:33] What work Bobby is most proud of.

[0:34:40] Adrianna Marie and The Groovecutters.

[0:35:05] Mick Taylor and Once in a Blue Moon.

“With hits comes power” – Bobby Owsinski

Back to the future

[0:35:40] What advice Bobby would give to his younger self.

[0:36:33] Why Bobby wishes he played bass guitar.

[0:37:27] What Bobby is looking forward to.

[0:39:00] What it feels like to write revisions to his books after a year of not writing.

[0:39:50] Why the audio producers’ interviews in Bobby’s books are important.

[0:41:40] Bobby describes how he wrote his first book: the foundation of his formula.

“Success doesn’t happen quickly” – Bobby Owsinski

Publishing, streaming and resistance

[0:43:00] The biggest change in the music industry from 3.0 to 4.0.

[0:43:45] The growth of music streaming. Why lowering the price may gain more listeners.

[0:45:40] Why Bobby believes music publishing is still important for artists and the industry.

[0:46:00] Where the money in the music industry is going.

[0:47:25] What Bobby is most grateful for today.

[0:48:15] Where to learn more about Bobby and his work.

“We all want to make money in a creative endeavour that we do” – Bobby Owsinski

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