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ICP 179 Author Amanda Turner On Living A Semi-Nomadic Lifestyle (Part Two)


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Amanda’s biggest challenge as a writer
  • How Amanda avoids writers block
  • Why you need to be selfish over your time and creative work
  • The power of tracking your time

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In part two, the final part, of our two-part chat, author and part-time digital nomad, Amanda Turner, shares why she believes creative people become paralysed with their big ideas.

In part one, Amanda, described her life: the challenges and successes that come with being a mum, an author and living a semi-nomadic life.

Amanda is the author of a series of books called Vagabonding with Kids.

Having developed a life living on the road with her family, visiting cities and countries across the globe, her nomadic lifestyle is not without its own challenges.

In part two
, this episode, hear why Amanda has to be selfish with her writing and what success means to her…

“A lot of creative people – they get paralysed and they don’t put anything out there – because it’s a fear of success” – Amanda Turner

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Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

Exchanging homes

[00:42] Introducing part two with Amanda Turner.

[01:18] Reflecting on part one and resources.

[03:01] Missing out on cultural exposure.

[05:50] What Amanda does with her stuff during house exchanges.

[07:30] What happened when a Mexican family lived in their house.

[08:00] Exchanging keys with other families

“We as parents have control over what our children absorb” – Amanda Turner

Vagabonding with kids

[09:11] Amanda’s first book on travel with family and home exchanges

[10:21] The Vagabonding With Kids book series.

[10:41] Bill Bryson.

[11:21] Amanda shares her biggest challenge as a writer.

[12:40] Why Amanda is selfish over her time.

“Our traditional notions of success and failure are so screwed up” – Amanda Turner

Success being selfish

[13:49] How to be selfish over your time.

[15:14] What happens to Amanda when she can’t get her creative work done.

[15:40] A case of mental and physical health.

[16:31] Paralysed by a fear of success.

[17:48] Amanda shares her thoughts on writers block.

“Achieving the life that you want – for any artist – it’s patience over time” – Amanda Turner

Progress and the power of patience

[19:15] How Amanda makes progress with her creative work.

[19:40] What success means to Amanda.

[21:47] What advice Amanda would offer her younger self.

[22:22] The power of patience.

[22:58] Tracking your own time.

“Be honest about your own time and how you spend it” – Amanda Turner

Around the world

[24:00] Girl Around The World podcast.

[25:15] Where Amanda’s heading next.

[26:00] Where to learn more about Amanda her work.

“Any time you do make progress it inspires you to want more progress” – Amanda Turner

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