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ICP 228 – 30 Days of Daily Inspiration – Day 28 – Leave A Meaningful Legacy


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why now is the time to start thinking about your legacy
  • What will happen to your online accounts after you are gone?
  • What does it mean to leave a ‘clean’ legacy behind

Inspirational Creatives 30 Days of Daily Inspiration Day 28 Leave a Meaningful Legacy
Death is a tricky topic to discuss.

But when it comes to leaving digital legacy it’s a very important subject to address.

As creatives, we can be prolific with our output:

Creative work, accounts and assets scattered all around the physical and digital universe.

Who’s going to manage all of that when you’re gone?

How are they going to manage it?

What do you want to leave online when you die?

In this short episode, Death Goes Digital author and funeral celebrant, Pete Billingham, from episode 162, offers his thoughts and suggestions to inspire you towards leaving a meaningful, and a ‘clean’, digital legacy.

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

[00:42] Introducing this episode: day 28 of 30 days of daily inspiration.

[01:13] Leaving a meaningful legacy behind as a creative.

[02:28] Leaving a ‘clean’ legacy.

[03:30] Pete offers thoughts on how to manage your legacy.

[04:41] Pete recommends taking these steps to manage your digital assets.

[07:05] Summarising Pete’s suggestions.

[07:56] Pete offers some final thoughts on leaving a digital legacy.

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