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ICP 194 How To Sustain A Living As An Independent Artist (with Gary Genetti)


(Less than 14 minutes)

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Gary has created and sustained a living as a professional artist
  • How Gary has built his creativity and community inspire him
  • Where Gary receives his ongoing inspiration from
Gary Genetti quote the idea of coming together and collaborating and making things together is such a healing thing

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How do you create and sustain a career as an independent artist?

It’s a question that is on the mind of most freelancers and creative entrepreneurs of today.

In episode 193, glass artist and craftsman, Gary Genetti, shared how he has sustained a living for over 40 years as an independent artist.

In this short action episode, we explore why mastering our own deep creative work – the work that we are drawn to do – is so important for us, our community and the world we live in today.

And how that can lead to creating a sustainable living as an artist…

“I saw my work through their eyes – the excitement and enjoyment – that exchange is so important” – Gary Genetti

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

[00:41] Introducing this short action episode on how Gary has created a living as an artist.

[01:19] Why it is important to Gary to evolve as an artist.

[03:54] How Gary has deepened the relationship with his audience and community.

[06:28] How Gary is building his audience.

[08:07] Art as a healing process.

[09:50] Where Gary receives ongoing inspiration from.

[12:00] Reflecting on the lessons learned in this short action episode.

“Being an independent artist – a certain amount of resilience is required” – Gary Genetti

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