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ICP 230 – 30 Days of Daily Inspiration – Day 30 – Follow Your Curiosity


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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How curiosity will help you find what you are looking for
  • How passion can be misleading
  • Why your creativity is needed more than ever

Inspirational Creatives 30 Days of Daily Inspiration Day 30 Follow Your Curiosity

In this final episode of 30 days of daily inspiration, you are invited to follow your curiosity.

Your curiosity is the one thing that will help you to find the creative success you are looking for.

We also explore how passion can mislead us.

Hear how finding out which problems we enjoy solving can put us on a path towards our own version of happiness, wealth and success.

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

[00:41] Introducing this episode: day 30 of 30 days of daily inspiration.

[01:36] Following your curiosity.

[02:58] Myths about passion.

[03:35] Following your passion.

[04:08 The benefits of passion.

[04:33] How curiosity can support you.

[04:45] The book, Out of Our Minds, by Sir Ken Robinson.

[05:28] Great advice.

[06:20] What do you love to do?

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